Award from greg@kupikawkaw

>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you to greg si tukang kupi for this award, sy pun terharu buli-buli dia bilang blog sy yg buruk2 ni gila ..hehe nway thanks for the thoughts! itu yg mahal....

Act suma blog I know best2 bah...dun worry there will be more award coming and sy tau mana yg sy buli kasi ngam ;) Since i've accepted the award, so I also follow the rules la ni...nominate 4 people, bis the rules said pass this award to 4 people of your choice which you think was best in terms of content...nah kamu org :)

1. Kengkaru (macam2 ada)

2. Ramesh (kdg2 gila babas)

3. Boby (just feel good p blog dia ni)

4. Ciaoflocy (hehe lob...bertahun2 sy baca blog ko..



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