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>> Monday, September 29, 2008



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>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is tagged by Kengkaru…kalu ikut hati malasnyerr mau buat ni,. Tapi demi seorg kawan lama….here it goes …
1. The who tag/pass you is?
Its from Kengkaru/ kong and he got this from San-Karu (mcm adik beradik sja dorg ni?

2. Your relationship with him/her is?/
Long time friends (ngam kah kong)

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
1. 1st impression…wow ensom juga c tanakaru ni almaklumlah tall & athletic features
2. Traveller
3. He is friendly gila babas kalu sdh kenal
4. Now a very active blogger
5. good photographer as well

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
Send xmas cd with the xmas card (next time duit kio …haha)

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
mmmm…”cantik mata kau” longgggg time ago lah (haha masa tu pakai lens biru gia)

6. If she/he become your lover you will?
emmmmmmm he have his own taste haha kan kong

7. If she/he become your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?
Hyaaaa apa ni….haha impossible la ba ni

8. If she/he become your enemy, you will?
ohhh…please la don’t…..

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
kana blanja lah p new Zealand…apa lagi

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
nice guy bah c kong….

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
Let them know personally lah who is kong….

13. The characters you love of yourself are?
emmmmm…susah mau ckp, u all let me know lah

14. On the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are?
too good I think..hehe

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
strong inside & outside lah …

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
love u all…not matter how ..k

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.
1. Bopppp 2. lisa dolly 3. kiloy 4. tompok5. Nel 6.Ramesh 7.sumpit 8. bossing 9. mamaii 10.boby

18. Who is No.6 having relationship with?
owhh haha …adalah kali tp sy tidak lah tau

19. Is No.9 a male or female?
dia bilang dulu he is 100% male

20. If No.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
wakakaka…during aramaiti la happening

21. What is No.2 studying about?
She's is qualified accountant…tapi selalu komplen karaja dia…emmm

22. When was the last time you had a chat with No.3?
haha baru juga

23. What kind of music band does No.8 like?
lagu jiwang2…yg buat jiwa terbuai2…esp dusun

24. Does No.1 have any siblings?
Ya…sorg lah haha

25. will you woo No.3?
Haaahahaa …selalu pujuk la join2 aramaitii…..

26. How about No.7?
ni orang gila babas

27. Is No.4 single?
ya tatap…for time being ini lah

28. What is the surname of No.5?
siang “Ho”…

29. What’s the hobby of No.10?
Bangun, makan…makannn, meginum, mengangi, chatting, tidur...

30. Does No.5 and 9 get along well?
ooo yess…tatap ba kan

31. Where is No.2 studying at?
Sana Kelantannnnn kan dulu tu ling…

32. Talk something casually about No.1?
Loves animal tapi utak nda betul…

33. Have you tried developing feelings for No.6?
aikk nah….02c mah

34. Where does No.9 live at?
Originally fr kg monsok, tambunan..now sana kingfisher

35. What colour does No.4 like?
black, white…blue hehe

36. Are No.5 and 1 best friends?
ooooo haha…emm both best friends to me …

37. Is No.7 the sexiest person in the world?
ekekekek..bulilah kira gitu, ada nenen juga

38. What is No.6 doing now?
ooooo sana kg, at his late grandpa house

iskkk ada juga tagged mcm begini …bah kawan2 sila2 lah sambung, jgn malas


O2C Tshirt's!

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Im proudly showing the o2c tshirt's collection i have...i feel good about it hehe, so anybody interested to buy..its only rm26 :) Nah ...my black 02c tshirt (xs)..tunahhh ada my initial hehe...

tingu2lah ...

look forward for others o2c product lagi ni :)


Importance of sleep...

A man can go two weeks without eating. But if he doesn't rest at all, he can only survive for one week. Sleeping provides us the time to rest our internal organs, eyes and brains. Poor sleep quality can cause internal damage to our internal organs and brains. Therefore, sleeping is very important to us.If you wish to have a long life and stay healthy, please take note of the advice below.

5 DON'TS when you are sleeping.....


Watches can remit a certain level of radioactivity. although small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have dverse effects on your health.

Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged. Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks, but please put the phone as far as possible. Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first...(i believe everybody do this..)

People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run. Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.

Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So go to bed without it...ya ya yaa agreed on this!

You may never wake up again. hehee


Tambunan - The end

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

to continue the story..i've started the morning with bfast "telur mata lembu"..ehem tx la itu tukang masak paling campin d dunia...the nite mmg ckup memenatkan :P
After the bfast, mandi2 ..lunch then ndway pulang, kami singalah tingu ikan2 yg cumil2...tp ada mcm mulut angelina jolie la pulak

hehe..kasi mkn ikan kunun ni

kunun c gidong la ni kasimakn ikan...

ah ni tukang tgk ikan...

ndway pulang...hapy la suma limpas jambatan

nway..just want to share a few nice photo..sy suka tgk, happened tdk tentu masa lah ...ni mesh & lisa, cutekan dorg, mcm ngam hehe

haha..this one our model, pretty, sweet & photogenic (kavagulah)

that's it...till next time lagi, we will come again here!


Tambunan Part 3 - the story

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

our journey continued with visit to tugu mat salleh...

group photo at tugu tambunan....(curi dr tempat boby ni ah..hehe)

and then sempat berposing mingmodel2 kunun....

sampai at tvrc...c boby lah blur2, mamai happyyy nihh, yg lain panat...

smpat lah dorg jamur kain selepas mandi manda d mahua....doi tu nah sansut spa tu..

our dinner, simple but nice, mamai ma c west kelaparan...

boby n lisa...sweet kan hehe

Kick off the nite...the 1st game, tgk sja lah gambar k & figure it out what kind of game is that...haha

then we continued the 2nd game, the tang3 haha no pic lah..nda sanggup tgk tu gambar jga..then the twister...emmm bikin krem badan ni game...

haha...sampai bertonggeng2...

Consider...that nite everybody was enjoyed, laugh..dance & bermacam2 lagi, will continue later, tau2lah updating while working ni shusahhhh...:)


Tambunan Part 2 - Mahua Waterfall

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As per entry earlier, we are heading actually to Mahua Waterfall, and here some of our taken photos during the trip...:)

Upon reaching the place, everybody bingung and thinking "mana mau sisip mandi ni...punuh orang"....

Hehe...everbody will say "I was here..."

macam2 la ba itu gaya.....mingkikiut2 pun ada

See...all like kids, enjoying the water and have fun (padahal gagar2 sdh tahan sajukan)

Ndway back down, tingu lah suma mcm kanak2 riang.....

nah..sambil tunggu yg lain, dorang lepak2 sambil lagu2...jgn kau c jason nyanyi ...umbrella..ella...oh ohhh

after suma ada...we proceed to Tugu Mat Salleh & Tambunan then TVRC, to be continued lagi lah ...sabar saja, ada kerja lagi ni :)


Recent trip part 1(Tambunan)

>> Monday, September 15, 2008

Another trip with all my wonderful & sporting friends :). We started our day, kunun meeting at this "Tung Sheng Hai Restaurant" at 7.00am sharp! as warned by the Pengerusi (Ramesh). He said the nite b4.."eh kita start la awal pagi, supaya inda lambat...& bla3..bla3..so we agreed. Emmmmmm actual time suma ada sana, 8am! 1 hour delay...but nevermind,we still on track (itu lah kamu org p oleng2 lg tu 5day nite). At last we proceed to Tambunan after breakfast..oh ya...Tompok & mamai leave earlier to Tambunan, the nite before, jeng3 emm dorg ini lalala...lala c gidong tda gambar dia makan...

On our way, we stopped at gunung amas, kunun tunggu c Mr. Boby, while waiting, nah mcm2 ni gaya dorg, skali c boby sampai he pula memecut 100km...kasi tingal sorg..huh boby...

Everythime passed by Tambunan, for sure I fall n love with the view...greeen & peaceful!

Nah sini baru sorg berjumpa ma c mamai & tompok, tunggu d simpangan kg patau blang c mamai....kogutan ka tu nis?

nah..we arrived at our 1st destination, Mahua....of coz lah, we still have to pay bah the entrance fee..rm3 and walk a little bit to the waterfall..a good walk its ok, bukan mcm naik gunung....

Act...i'm quite impressed with the access to the waterfall, before this it was not sealed...tp upgrade sdh! bah just enjoy dulu lah all the photo..will be continued lagi ....with closesup photo lah esp aksi at waterfal & the nite at tvrc! :P


Buka Puasa ...

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Few days back, our "ministry" was having "majlis berbuka puasa" which attended by other departments and agencies as well. the story? hehe..we're the organiser for the majlis and the majlis not restricted only for those "berpuasa" but also for others,turn out was good (act. we been worring for not enough seat esp for those was invited). The rest, as usual lah, after berbuka, they continue with prayer and makan2!
Part of the crowd....

Part of our tabiat...hehe


Missing cat reunites with couple

When im surfing early this morning, i come across this news in the net...& I found it, it is a very touching story for me and remind me 1 of my missing cat quite sometimes ago :( anway Im happy for this couple, im considered this is a miracle happened to them..apa tidak, 9 years missing? only God knows what dixie had been thru all those years...
picture shows Dixie, a 15-year-old cat who was reunited with her owner Gilly Delaney after going missing nine years ago.

LONDON (Reuters) - A couple have been reunited with their missing cat after nine years, the RSPCA said on Wednesday. Dixie, a 15-year-old ginger cat, disappeared in 1999 and her owners thought she had been killed by a car.
She was found less than half a mile from her home in Birmingham after a concerned resident rang the animal charity to report a thin and dishevelled cat who had been in the area for a couple of months.
RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Alan Pittaway checked her microchip and confirmed it was Dixie. She was returned to her owners, Alan and Gilly Delaney, within half an hour.
"In 29 years of working for the RSPCA I have never seen anyone so excited and happy as Mrs Delaney," Pittaway said. "It made my day to return Dixie to her owners."
The couple were "overjoyed" to be reunited with their missing cat after so many years.
"Dixie's personality, behaviour and little mannerisms have not changed at all," said Gilly Delaney. "We don't think she has stopped purring since she came back through the door."
The RSPCA hope the story will encourage owners to have their pets microchipped (how I wish it is already applied and implemented here)
my siamese "tom2" been missing since 1999...:( i guest someone ambi dia, when saw him somewhere..