Glitz & Glamour by Dama Orchestera ( 30/10/2010)

>> Monday, November 1, 2010

Lucky! thank you boss for the opportunity to attend such a great colourful & enjoyable musical show. held at Pentas 1, Kual Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ( KLpac)it was really my 1st time to comeover here.
Quite simple arrangement but really supported by the Dama fan. Sayang...they do not allowed for me to take the show performance. This Glitz & Glamour full with songs spanning the era from Old Shangaito the Silver screen of Shaw Brothers & Cathay cinemas. Performance was started at830pm to 1030pm & full with musical histrory as Golden Chinese Oldies.

We come quite early & the counter just open.
well....ini mesti hehe
with the main person of the show, Tan Soo Suan. She have a great voice, no doubt about it.
I dont mind to come again for another show by Dama Orchestra. Look forward for it :)


24th Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon 2010

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Date : 23 - 24 October 2010, Kinabalu Park

Dubbed as ‘The World's Toughest Mountain Race', this race is a true challenge to the spirit of human endurance. The average climber takes two days to climb the mountain but participants of the race can make it in less than 3 hours up and down Mt. Kinabalu (4095.2m), with a total distance of 21km for all Men, Women and Men's Veteran categories. The Climbathon is part of the Sky Runners World Series Circuit for the 9th consecutive year and is the only race in the circuit that is held outside Europe. The Sky Runner World Series is regulated and coordinated by the Europe-based Federation for Sport at Altitude (FSA).

24th Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon - Men Open Category Winner
Marco De Gasperi from Italy with his new world breaking record, 2:33.56
(Imagine itu masa...only God! he is superb) still wonder where all these people get this power, energy ...etc

Winner for Men Veteran, our forever hero , Guianus Salagan

Winner for Women Open, Emanuela Brizio from Italy

Flagg of at Timpohon, as early as at 6am

Danny Kuilin, at 4th place
us..with Marco De Gasperi, during registration time
I do enjoy working during climbathon...its fun meeting with all those good looking athletes, with colleagues...& its fresh air everywhere....


POISE @ WhiteRoom, Kota Kinabalu (25th Sept 2010)

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big hello to you out there!

Ladies & Gentlemen wherever you are, be part of the fantabulouse night of the year!

Josh Marciano presents you,
POISE 2010
“Elegance & Confidence”
A Fantabulous Phenomenon Of Beautiful People & Music

Josh Marciano presents you POISE - a brand new event to hit Borneo, a night of stardom showcase with household name entertainers to keep the night at its peak. A night definitely not to be missed, POISE, which bring the meaning of elegance & confidence, will be a highlight for the year 2010. The name and the concept itself, with its own ability with capture the imagination of local & international consumers. POISE will maintain its top of te mind positioning throught varying niche markets via the provision of spectacular sound, lights & effects, excellent entertainment selections, great prices, and professional management. POISE will continue to push the boundaries of the entertainment & clubbing scene by providing exciting, new and attractive venues that provide an exploratory journey and an exciting break from the norm.

The venue for POISE "Elegance & Confidence" event is at White Room, Located in KK Times Square. The venue can only be described as stunning, futuristic, and is sure to provide a euphoric experience, Regardless of the occasion, current trends suggest that hip hop, R&B, electro & house music parties are more favorable & exicting to normal club-nights out, and this is the first time in KK with 4 types of different music genres in one event. To assure a fantabulous night for Kota Kinabalu party-goer with Glenmorangie complimentary drinks, "POISE" event expected to acheive a turnout of 500 gergous and elegance clubbers.

Josh Marciano role is to not only to draw the infulential/niche crowd to the event but to also in providing & promoting homegrown talent. POISE event also aim to educate the Kota Kinabalu crowds by tuning them into the latest sounds and future trends. POISE showcases a massive spectrum of cutting edge dance music so that Kota Kinabalu may hear and experience what's really rocking dance-floors of the major clubbing captains of the world. POISE selection of DJ's cover a range of dance music genres -hip hop. R&B, electro & house, which builds in intensity throughout the night to end in a crescendo of sound, lights & stunning visual effects.

DJ Eva T on action

For the first time in East Malaysia, POISE, the fantabulous phenomenon of the year will not only bringing Kota Kinabalu beautiful people but will also feature an outstanding line-up of our local musical talents. Storming the party night is DJ Eva T, some named her the DIVA OF THE SOUTH and some defiend her, the fastest growing R&B QUEEN in Malaysia. With her uproaricous style of music, she makes every phenomenon a fantabulous party for everyone to be with the FINEST Hip Hop, R&B & Electro style. Her enthusiasm shows no sign of flagging, the R&B QUEEN was made to brng the house down with her wicked tunes and built the huge popularity of herself anytime, anytime & everywhere.

Joining and collaborate with DJ Eva T on POISE stage, once before known as Ice Man T, now the well known and upcoming MC in the Malaysia Club scene. MC Terry T, watch him out as he take over nights and stage with an amazing repertoire of party hypes which absolutely brings the crowd to greater now heights. He has performed as the significant MC for DJ moto, the creator of "Australia's Most Wanted" turnable crew and also at the unforgettable night, as the only MC for Hong Kong superstar DJ Miss Yellow at Mist Club Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The night will also blown up with the presence of DJ Misty aka Jerryca, The Ms. popular and also well known guest DJ in most of the hottest clubs in Kuala Lumpur and also appearances outside of the country. Reforming & evolving the music, she is set to bring the night down with her signature style of Electronica/India Dance/Electro House which is her real tunes which running under the skin. Ready to get your legs dancing and your hands waving for move of her mixes that explode the vibe to follow her lead as she will guide you to her world of rhythmic pulse.

Also presenting the action and flair of IMAGE dancers. All in all, its a melting pot of entertainment galore ment for the most avid of party people.

POISE "Elegance & Confidence" at WhiteRoom, Kota Kinabalu event is by invitation only, so to grab your invitation to POISE event on 25th September 2010, please visit Facebook Group pag or "Josh Marciano" or "Whiteroom Kota Kinabalu" for more information and details fro RSVP. For yor reference, to receive updates on the upcoming fantabulous event, do follow Josh Marciano on Twitter "http//" or Facebook Group Page: "Josh Marciano".

See you all there fun people !

Read more... & me

>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is by chance we met,
by choice we became friends.
Friendship is a strange thing...
we find ourselves telling each other
the deepest details of our lives,
things we don't even share
with our families who raised us.
But what is a friend?
A confidant? A lover?
A fellow email junkie?
A shoulder to cry on?
An ear to listen?
A heart to feel?...
A friend is all these things...
and more.
No matter where we met,
I call you friend.
A word so small yet so large in feeling,
a word filled with emotion.

It is true great things
come in small packages.
Once the package of friendship
has been opened,
it can never be closed.
It is a constant book always written
waiting to be read and enjoyed.
We may have our disagreements,
we may argue,
we may concern one another,
friendship is a unique bond
that lasts through it all.

A part of me is put into my friends,
some it is my humor,
some it is my listening ear,
some it is real life experiences,
some it is my romanticism
but with all, it is friendship.

Friendships forged are a construct stronger
than steel built as a foundation,
necessary for life and necessary for love. and me
You brought another friend
and then there were 3.
We started our circle
Our circle of friends
and like that circle
There is no beginning or end...

God Bless us all ...


si meow....

>> Sunday, August 22, 2010

I considered she is new babe town hehe...she look gergous & very "manja"..I guess she is our neighbour punya kucing, but use to come over & p minta puji at my mom house...

her spot...dekat ini pintu, no other places hehe



Minta Puji sana Kalangadan, Kundasang

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recent trip to Zen Garden, Kundasang..sempat lah singah d kalangadan bermokirayou & minta puji ..hehe
me & nikol...
ramesh, camera & the mountain
randy, ramesh, horse & itu awan...
sumpit, rambut & his tangan....
& of coz me yg ........kiut la ba kan haha....


My pride - Mount Kinabalu

I always proud to be Sabahan! Especially i can show off to my other friends how gratefull im to have Mount Kinablau at my place :P

taken from Zen Garden ....late in the evening
Will try to go there again & again!


Jalan-Jalan di Zen Garden, Kundasang

>> Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kalau berjalan-jalan dimana-mana saya pasti banyak benda yang kita nampak, nda kira lah sampah kah, bunga kah, apa2 so so...ini pun saya terjumpa di zen garden...kiut derang ni ..gebu2 solid, derang mimang suka tu bunga-bungaan yang memang subur cantik...besar2 lagi kelopak dia :)

saya mimang tidak tahu apa ini ..kumbang ka apa kah ..:P
tapi yang sure dia suka hisap tu madu bunga...
nasip saja derang tidak p gigit oranglah ..hehe


Hennessy Artistry - The Art of Mixing Nite

>> Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attending other people event is awesome for me. Since all these while im 100% into this kind of bussiness ...i mean my work related to this :P It is a golden opportunity for me to be at the White Room, last saturday nite especially with my fun friends and the good things of course meeting new people :) but the challenge is, actually im totally no idea at all what Hennessy is all about :P. Ya i know its a kind a liquor but details totally "0" poor me . But..that the purpose i guess, why they have this nite ....But from now on, I know there is a Hennessy Collection...

Among Hennessy Collection, Hennessy V.S.O.P, besides Hennessy X.O, Hennessy Paradise & Richard Hennessy

the venue...

Miss Hennessy i call her ..since i dont know her name, showing how to prepare the Hennessy and introducing the yummy mixer such as ginger, apple, citrus and berry. Well...ginger got my vote !
and the rest of the nite ....enjoying Hennessy with friends

with Mr White...the boss i guess

Hennessy red carpet...

Joe Flizzow & Sona in da house! Great nite with great artist !
Thank you for the great nite! Do come again & will give you our support!



>> Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello to you out there!!

A shout out to all the party people in East Malaysia as Hennessy Artistry storms Whiteroom, Kota Kinabalu this coming 31st July 2010!!! Known for bringing quality clubbing and music party experience, Hennessy Artistry is all about being a global music campaign to promote the art of mixing various genres and blending the talents of the world’s top artists. The campaign has been going on in Malaysia for quite some time now and has been quite successful. So be prepared to experience a really good night out! Who will Hennessy Artistry be bringing to rock this event? Check 'em out...

Beautiful DJ Siera Lee !

Headlining the night is DJ Siera Lee, who is undoubtedly, one of the world’s hottest DJs. Born in South Korea, grew up in Canada, and currently residing in Sydney, Australia, Siera Lee represents a new generation of female turntable phenomenons.

Over the years, she has risen up the ranks to become one of Asia’s best female DJ icons. Armed with her sexy looks and banging up-tempo R&B and Hip Hop sets, DJ Siera Lee promises to blow the roof off White Room.

Expect to be blown away by DVJ G Mix, one of the few individuals in the country with the ability to ‘visualize sounds’ and to provide audiences with hypnotic, head-turning visuals. He has performed as the closing act for the Bangkok Invaders and most memorably, as the guest DVJ at Korean superstar Rain’s concert VIP after party in Kuala Lumpur.

Joe Flizzow & Sona One
Local hip-hop extraordinaires, Joe Flizzow and Sona One are in the house! Joe, who is one half of the internationally renowned Malaysian hip-hop duo, Too Phat is definitely no stranger to the Malaysian music scene. As Too Phat, he released multi-platinum albums, sold over half a million records and even achieved international recognitions from MTV Asia and Channel V – incredible feats for a local artiste. He has also collaborated with various pop acts from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the United States. Among some of his standout credentials include performances for Linkin Park, the Black Eyed Peas, and Kanye West.

At the upcoming H-Artistry party, Joe will be collaborating with his protégé and one of the fastest rising hip-hop stars in the country, Sona One. By every account, 21-year-old Sona One is the consummate artist. He continues to break barriers and deliver results way beyond his young age. He began his career as a graffiti artist at the age of 10 and is widely recognized today as one of the leading “graph-heads” in the region. Musically, Sona One’s sound is distinctively “European” and reminiscent to the early 90’s hip-hop, an era where conscious lyrics were often met with soulful production. He is a huge fan of the golden oldies and this is reflected in his sample-heavy musical compositions.

This unique collaboration between guru and protégé is surely not to be missed. Expect a power packed performance from both Joe Flizzow and Sona One as they look to blow your minds away as they hit the Hennessy Artistry stage in KK for an electrifying one-off performance.

Are you now ready for Hennessy Artistry? Here is what you need to know...

Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at White Room, logon to Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.
see you all there & have fun!