Canario Collection Project - Behind the scene 1

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Although im considering myself too bz with my work but im still dont mind to involve any project or assignment which can trigger my interest esp promoting for Sabah and other related fun things involved mcm ambi gambar etc ..:P ..apa lagi work closely with friends yang memang d very sporting and fun work with ...:)

At the moment nothing much that i can say about this project till it is completed ...however it was related to the "Travellers club" and everybody excited about it...tunggu lah till everything is done ...memang tidak sabar2 juga mau share others "assigned photos" but tunggu lah ...

we kick-off the photoshooting place :)
breakfast for everybody provided....mesti! kalu tidak no energy
jr & mesh...before the came sudah tanya "ada makanan?" hehe then conform dorang lapar!
they thought their are brothers....which is not! haha...baju ja la bah sama
yes! friends in action!
trying the very best to get the good shoot!
the art director & tukang payung & photographers hehe....nice!
another shoot...ada kara sana pukuk pandai ambi gambar...hehe
biasalah ...sisip2 mingkikiut.....
after lunch...kalu ikut mau pulang then still have the excitement mau sambung photoshoot at Yayasan Sabah...
aksi-aksi memberangsangkan

the end...sambung lagi nanti :P