Speaking of Merdeka....

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy merdeka day to all! how meaningful the merdeka day to me? haha..cant figure it out...but what for sure, as malaysian citizen...

1. I'm not simply fight or argue with other people
2. I'm not littering around
3. being a good employee
4. loyal and lovable daughter...hehe
5. live in healthy ( not taking drugs ...)
6. Never become or organise any violence
7. Do support charity
8. loves animal ( never3 kick any kitten or puppies)
9. Respect elder and others opinion
10.Did not simply write rude words at any government properties (like some do..hehe)

being a good malaysian is simply just being a humble person and know how to appreciated the freedom we have...mmm still not sound so patriotic isnt? :P
Happy Merdeka day!