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>> Monday, August 11, 2008

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Q1 : What is the best way to stem/dwon the affects of alcohol?

Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) will begin to rise as soon as you
start drinking, and will usually reach its maximum 20-60 minutes after
you stop. There is no quick way to reduce your BAC after you've stopped drinking.

Supposed remedies such as exercise, drinking coffee, fruit juice or
water, taking a cold shower or deep breaths of fresh air won't lower
your BAC.

“Time is the only cure.”

It can take one hour for the body to metabolise each standard drink
you have. Therefore, make sure enough time has passed before you drive
(even the next morning), especially for drivers with a limit of 0.02.

Q2 : How can I reduce the risk of exceeding the limit?

1. Start with a non-alcoholic drink.
2. Eat before and while you are drinking to slow the absorption of
alcohol into the bloodstream.
3. Avoid salty snacks (eg: pretzels, chips, peanuts) which make you thirsty.
4. Make every second or third drink a non-alcoholic beverage.
5. Have one drink at a time (don't "top up" your drinks).
6. Try low alcohol alternatives

What happens
Although it takes minutes for alcohol to reach the brain, it takes the
liver an hour to break down the alcohol in a glass of wine or half a
pint of beer.

The less you weigh the more alcohol affects you, so there's a good
reason for alcohol being illegal below a certain age. A slim teenage
boy will get drunk far more quickly than a large adult male.
A girl will feel the effects of alcohol faster and for longer than a boy...emmmm not sure bout this, hehe