"Malam Anggun" - 29/3/09

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick post :)..attended the 'malam anggun" charity dinner last sunday nite at 1 Borneo ..overall i like the fashion show but end up to long & people who expecting to watch Kris Dayanti have to stay back till 1130pm! Punya lama mau tunggu! ..sudahlah the next hari kerja..but never the less still enjoy the nite with my fellow colleagues :)

the opening show...
this "bun" hair style really catch my eyes...i like!

indonesian model with they new design fashion...

macam-macam ada..hehe from bulu2 tu kipas2...

nah at last..nearly 1130pm baru ba c kris dayanti show up...

no doubt...her vocal & singing is superb!


Happy Earth Hour!!

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund) ...what we should do? Just a very simple thing! off the light for only 1 hour bah...(830pm-930pm) to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change!

Happy earth hour & happy weekend!

jangan ambi kesempatan meraba dalam gelap! hehe


Sunset Boulevard in ..?

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

Main main ba ni...nway guess la where is this? hehe....

siok juga sikawan ni ..cycyling di beach....:)


Esplande - KK

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ever been here? hehe for those staying in kk, sure now is this place! Kalu tidak sy pun tidak tau lah ...nway I like this fishy things! while waiting my other friends last week to melohom, sempat lah sy p jalan2 sambil2 klik2 here & there ..

look like smiling back to me pula ..haha

nah..sure everybody know where is this .:P

part of the esplande...
and part of the view ....
kadang2...jalan2 here is ok :) many things to observe & cuci mata!


Congratulation to Mr & Mrs Rhoman

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Nelly Ho,

No other words that I can say to u my lovely friend..congratulations on your wedding!

Nah ...nel kawin sudah ko kan

friends ..yg sampat jumpa nel d bilik

sabas & sumpitan ...

May God bless both of u forever & ever & semoga bahagia sehingga ke anak cicit!
more photos on my facebook & another :P


Melohom Bay 1- 15/3

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Before attending Nel's wedding, sempat lagi sy with a few friends...kuai, zi, greg, vic & Jeff went to Melohom Bay... short trip but fun since mostly they are good photographers..so i learn a lot & the same time suka2 lah ambil gambar...:) enjoy the photos... shy boy..nda mau tgk kamira ni budak
we pass by the Gayana Resort

part of the activities...clik here & there
masing-masing ada style hehe

macam-macam aksi ...
jeff..1st time outing sama dia ni, good sifu & his famous word "lebat" hehe

diving...hehe will upload more diving action later, beranii ni budak! sembarang p lumpat
zi..ready p snorkle & take underwater photo :)
and biasalah ...gambar2 & ada saja yg jadi mangsa jadi model hehe...will upload more juga on this part later ..: P makan dulu


Make me faublous make up workshop (14/3)

Just quick post la ni, so many things happend last week & 1 of it ini lah ni, attended the Body shop Beauty Make-up Workshop...Haha best! I like it very much :P since im not really into this make-up things..so consider I learn a lot lah :P

nah kunun...with make up then we look fabulous lah

my colleague..Mell, always look beautiful although with the mask..tp tu gaya lah juga mahal

fran..risau tdk dapat follow itu instruction how to cleanse the face haha
wonder..why all this brushes mahal..isk
the basic makeup we should have, the foundation, lipstic, eye shadow, eye brow ...etc

all the pencil things..lip liner, eye liner, mascara ...

im not good on this...since my bulu mata pendek..duh!

easy way how to apply the eye shadow...siok si sara
After the make-up (everybody try to do the natural look..hehe & sendiri buat ahhh) ..doesnt they look so sweet kan?
so...sapa2 mau mikap tu buli2lah sorg tulung..haha, kalu brani lah