SKYY VODKA Blue Celebration vs STB / SPS Media Nite ....

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confused...which one I shud go on this date ...haha

I did joined the Breeze competition sana FB...for fun of coz but it happened i received this email :P

Congratulations on winning an Exclusive Invitation to SKYY VODKA BLUE CELEBRATION @ The BED, Waterfront! May we have your IC number and full name? So we can list it down in the guest list of the event on that day and for verification purposes when you collect your invitation card at the registration counter on the 22nd January 2010, Friday at 8pm sharp. Here's some info on BLUE CELEBRATION. You have to be at The Bed, Waterfront by 8pm sharp to register yourself. The event will start from 8pm to 10pm and 10pm onwards The BED, Waterfront will be opened to the public for usual business. There will be free flow of SKYY VODKA drinks during the BLUE CELEBRATION, lucky draws and games too for you to enjoy. Remember that you have won a 1+1 Exclusive invitation so you are entitled to bring 1 friend along. You may not need to give your friend/partners name, just yours will do. Thank You and Hope to hear from you soon :).

Sound very intersting but its happened my office will be organising our another year media nite also somewhere in waterfront now im in dilemma
Photo taken by Johny George Kimon
im happy winning the competition ...but i realise work related networking have to come 1st...unless i have a very good excuse kan...well decide latter..let me enjoying my "dilemma" period while can haha