KENTE FINAL NITE - 17/4/2009

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

Last week was been a very buzy week for me! besides of my outstation & paper work & plus with this KENTE...really2 buat napas sesak! apa tidak...mana mau kejar masa, mau kasi siap kerja..then make things succesful & happening lagi..tapi apa2 pun im glad the Search for Entertainer last Friday nite was over & overall its well done hasil kerjasama all the committe members!

But unfortunately, since sibuk bertugas, I didnt managed to get more photos pula! hyaaa what to do...kerja 1st! more photos can see from here....kadus

at the back stage..early performance by Usal & D'Prinze...siap2 sedia ni konon

2nd contestant...
guest artist...Raphael with his famous song "tompu kiri2"..audience love it so much!
ayuki with Carrey...
carrey...the winner for the 1st KENTE...congratulations to him!
bah itu sja bah ...and more photos sana facebook :P