The beautiful Regatta Lepa..

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

Attended the annual event for Semporna district, Regatta Lepa Lepa last week & it was full with colour!

thanks to alexs for this photo ..:P

Venue : Semporna, Tawau
Date : 18th to 19th April 2009
Held for 2 days
Day 1 : Regatta Lepa 2009 launching with Bajau Cultural performances
Day 2 : Traditional boat tug of war, boat racing competition (Keleh keleh) & Lepa boat parade.

"keleh keleh" @ double rowing competition...

Regatta Lepa is a festival to celebrates the Bajau tradition for their craftsmanship skilled in hand-made boat making. ‘Lepa’ itself means a ‘boat that hand-made crafted’ in Bajau Semporna language, usually measured about 5-7 meters long. During the Regatta Lepa festivals, there will be a competition of decorative Lepa boats, a battle to show off which Lepa boats are the best....& during this time, for sure everbody will so creative!

every lepa2 have they own beautiful girl with they igal-igal performance :)

beautiful kan? year lagi lah..then besides witnessing the lepa2, boleh juga take the chance to go round all the beautiful island !!!