Halloween 2008 - Recap 3

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Since this is halooween week...enjoy the photos lah..taken last year :P & photos credit to Kuai, Ramesh & Tigerlily :)

everybody are invited for this coming halloween :)
DATE: 30th Oct 2009
TIME: 8:00pm
VENUE: TNGC, Beverly Hills. Penampang.

8:00pm - Arrival of members & friends
8:30pm - Light dinner (kalo yang tidak diet, please make sure kamu makan sikit sebelum datang ye) : Tentative menu- Fried mee, chicken boxing, sausages & mix vege only.
9:00pm - Karaoke time.While those yang menyanyi, others can touch up your costume.
9:30pm - Game 1
9:45pm- Karaoke time
10:30pm - Game 2
10:45pm - Karaoke time
11:30pm - Judging by TNGC management on best costume.
- Game 3
12:00am - Bah nyanyi lagi
12:45am - Salsa Lesson bersama Mona!
1:30am - Prize giving
2:00am - End (mangkali!!) Private function so I will request management to extend our night to 4:00am (hahaha..)

Contribution by pax: RM10 saja (with costume) RM15 (without costune)