Saranghaeyo Korea Festival (25 & 26/9/09)...

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

I consider this is fantastic combination performance by classic & modern dance..Which featuring Korea House Folk Performance & B-Boys....( cari la d internet kalu mau kenal sapa ni dorg memang world class ...menang a few championship)
These photo taken pun just their prelude...i think the actual show must be better, grand & of of course full with excitement...:) Korea House Folk Performance with the tardition dance ..santik!
very suka!

they very good main tu tali2 ..
they can spin their head sama tu gelung2...
beat box...ntah ngam sy pangil ni he is very good! segala bunyi dia buli buat
yeeee.....with a good music arrangment...u also feel like u can do what they did! eseh

see u all guys..sapa2 yg mau p tinguk ni will be tonite & tomorrow nite, 8pm...IBorneo Grand rm15, rm30 & rm50...
Best ni....!!!!